Tea runs in the DNA of every Indian …. An early morning cup of tea ……to kick start the day … Or, is had as a stress buster… enjoying hot chai at a tapri, especially ,during rains is pure bliss.

People love catching up with friends …..right from college students to adults, in cafe’s …which offers a huge array of tea’s along with variety of snacks .

I enjoy my cup of tea in the evening….. and it gets even better when you have it with your friend … So my friend and I thought of catching up at the newly opened Tea Villa Cafe at Sakinaka .

This outlet in particular is different compared to the others. As I walked in , there was a huge chandellier in the centre that caught my attention. A chandelier with tennis balls and sport shoes … UNIQUE . This place screams ….SPORTS !

You have badminton , skate boards etc……. a wall of fame… which has the pictures of all the sports players .

Coming to the food , we had an Oreo Shake and Strawberry Milkshake .

Oreo Shake & Strawberry Milkshake

For Starters we took the Villa’s special basket…… which had an assortment of Sweet Potato, Potato wedges and French fries which was served with homemade Ranch dressing, BBQ sauce , and Chilli Mayo sauce 😋

Villa’s Special Basket

For the Mains …..we took the Veggie Manchurian Sizzler … I love chinese but this was disappointing … The manchurian was a bit hard and slightly different than the regular ones . I did not enjoy this one at all.

Veggie Manchurian Sizzler

My take on this … Nice , vibrant and happy place… A place to chill and watch cricket match …..BUT…..service was slow and the food was okayish .


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