Sabudana & Pyaaz Ki Kachori….Evening Snack Time!!


Evening snack to the rescue….What comes to your mind when you hear the word snack?…Deep fried, quick bites, chatpata…My snack for today evening is Sabudana and Pyaaz Ki Kachori 🙂

These small white pearls called Sabudana (Sago) can be made in myriad ways creating lip-smacking dishes.
Spiked with a handful of aromatic spices , fresh herbs and crunchy nuts, these treats are immensely relishing .

Pyaaz ki kachori has browned onions , salt and spices added into the filling along with other eclectic spices. As soon as you bite into the crunchy outer texture , the soft- browned onions in combination with the lovely sumptuous mix of spices will result in an explosion of flavours.


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