Persian Darbar has come up with their Ramadan special …. PERSIAN HALEEM !

The Persian Haleem is cooked for about 12 hrs in a Ghota (firewood over). The preparation starts from 4am in the morning and lasts until 4pm to 5pm. The flavours of…… ghee, fried onions, the paste of cashews, almonds and pista… transforms it into a mild, rich and creamy delicacy… absolutely delectable 😋

As their campaining says EatItOrMissIt…. We surely did not want to give this one a MISS. So Sam and I called for it home through Zomato. This was the first time we tried Haleem ……and we quite liked it . Tastes amazing when served hot with Paratha.

Persian Haleem

It is also available at Scootsy and Swiggy. You can also get this special dish online for Rs 160/- at


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