Moms birthday celebration….. is a much awaited family outing … MAHARAJA BHOG ….won hands down. Being hardcore non- vegetarians , we do love Gujarathi dishes as well . The best way to savour this is by opting for a thali.
Maharaja Bhog serves Rajasthani and Gujarathi dishes . There is a lovely set up of the day’s menu at the entrance . As the name suggests … are treated like a Maharaja . The servers come up to the table and let you wash your hands… very traditional indeed . There is a huge bronze thali in front of me with small katoris in it and glasses of different sizes . A saffron drink which was very refreshing … chaas (buttermik),Gobi veg, paneer , chole masala, kadhi, Dal, Roti, Beetroot Puri , Dhokla with green chutney , spring roll , Usal ( farsaan , curd, usal gravy with onions)

For desserts we had Jalebi made in pure ghee 😋, Mohanthaal and Anguri Basundi . This was heavenly… The desserts were to die for 😋. At the end of the meal they give us meetha paan.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal. The staff was very polite and well orgainized . Make sure you reserve a table or come by 12 to avoid waiting in long queues ( really long queues ).


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