Paan is mostly eaten in North India post a meal… known for its digestive properties and gives a refreshing mouth feel.
Now you can eat Paan like never before at LE PAAN .. Most of us usually stick to the normal Meetha paan , But here at Le Paan, they have 4 different varieties to offer. Made from 100% natural and 0% chemical paan …….it is flavourful.

It is a delectable mix of cloves, cardamoms, dates, fennel seeds, betel leaves, sweetened rose petals, mint , coconut. No Chuna , Katha …..no preservatives added. The freshness of the ingredients is what makes it delicious….I am glad I tried these πŸ˜ƒ

The four varients are
Oh Chocolate – This was normal paan , with sweet filling and dipped in chocolate . It forms a nice thick chocolate coating outside the paan. One bite of this and the chocolate explodes in your mouthπŸ˜‹.. Loved it!

Scrunchy Saada- Presentation is different . Taste was good. This was less sweet as compared to the rest.

The Original – Taste was good . I personally found it a bit too sweet.

Original Paan

Nutty Delight- It included nuts like Cashew nuts, Almonds, Dates, Figs and Rasins… This was truely a delight.

We liked all the flavours of paan ……but our personal favourite was ……Oh chocolate .πŸ˜‹ They had good packaging as well.

Le Paan

Le Paan
Andheri west, near Versova metro station
outside Urban Tadka.

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