Illuminati recently opened this year in January.

When you hear Illuminati ….there is quite a lot that goes on in one’s mind… I and Sam were curious to know more about this place ….and couldn’t wait to try out their dishes πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

It is located in Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex. The owner Mr. Akhilesh Rao, has travelled all over the world….and the restaurants there, are more sleek in design … hence, he wanted to bring a different outlook to the restaurants here in India. I must say he has achieved that… the look of this place is rare to find.

Illuminati is part lounge and fine-dining restaurant , …. Yes, you heard that right. It transforms effortlessly into a lounge post 10pm. The theme is black and white… there are lots of lights…. which help in transforming this place miraculously.

They have marble and granite flooring, plush bar counter that is hard to miss … the colour scheme is soothing…making it very pleasing to the eye. Glass and acrylic elements add depth and character to the space , mininature triangular bodies symbolizing….lluminati.

The Bar Counter

Coming to the food…..while placing an order, we always confirm with the staff that the food does not contain any egg, or egg coating… as Sam is highly allergic ☹️( well you didn’t know that.)

For Starters …..we ordered the Tokyo Chicken Karrage… Crunchy on the outside with a sweet chilli drizzle and Thai peanuts πŸ˜‹

Tokyo Chicken Karrage

For the Mains….. we ordered The Crispy Five Spice Lamb and Noodles… we were informed later that the dish contained egg including the noodles … so instead of lamb they gave us Chicken and Mushrooms with Rice… This dish was amazing 😍 chicken was tender …loved the rich gravy… the perfect combination had us wanting for more.

Next we ordered the The Jasmine smoked Rawas … well, if you like strong flavours of lemongrass …. you would love this dish… But for us the lemongrass was way too strong and did not suit our palate.

Jasmine Smoked Rawas with Lemongrass

Our overall take on this restaurant …. A good place to visit with friends and family…. unique concept for a restaurant …Well curated πŸ‘ loved the ambience… staff was polite and was excellent… Price is on a higher side but worth itπŸ™‚



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