I and Sam love trying out different cusines and different restaurants.. Sunday is pretty chilled…. after attending morning mass in Church . I am free from work and Sam doesn’t have classes to attend.. yayyy! So,that is when we get time to explore new places …..newly opened restaurants and eat till our hearts content 😍❀️

This time we travelled all the way to Mulund to try out this new place called…… BINDAAS BEGUM ROCKIN’ RAJA πŸ€΄πŸ‘Έ
A very unique name and since we heard a lot about it … we thought of checking it out for ourselves ☺️

As I walked in , I was awestruck😍… As the name suggests , the theme is based on Royalty of Begums and Rajas…… But……with a modern twist to it.

I absolutely loved the bright bold colours used in the interiors … making it very lively….and giving out good vibes. We came here for lunch …..and, I can just imagine….. how beautifully lit up this place would be at night. 🀩🀩

The menu is carefully curated after talking to the Royals of the princely states across India.

To beat the heat we took Strawberry Ice Tea, Fresh Lime Soda and Peach Ice Tea…Very refreshing indeed.

Coming to the food….. for starters ….we had their Butter Chicken Croquettes… I have had the normal butter chicken …but this place has given it a new twist all together.

Crisp on the outside and soft chicken inside with a spicy Mayo dip to go along with it. Simply Perfect!!

Butter Chicken Croquettes

Dahi Ke Kebab.. In this ….hung curd and paneer is used..making it soft, creamy and rich with the crunch of dry fruits adding a little bit of sweetness.

Dahi Ke Kebab

For Mains ….we had Rajpipala Chicken Curry… This dish was inspired by the lands and times of Rajpipala in Gujarat. It was tangy and spicy made with assorted spices and yogurt.
Chicken Kaliya… spicy and very different in taste, surely deserves a 21-gun salute!!…. we had this with Onion and Cheese Kulcha.

Nadir Shah Chicken Biryani ….well cooked chicken, very flavourful. This dish was contributed by the Royals of Baroda and presented to the dignitaries visiting the Laxmi Vilas Palace.

Nadir Shah Chicken Biryani

Finally coming to the dessert… The best part of any meal 😍. All of us know that garlic has a very strong smell and powerful taste…

Now you must be wondering why I am talking about garlic ….when I am discussing dessert right. So let me cut the suspense…. This dessert is called Lahsuni (garlic) Kheer 😳.

Yes , I had the same expression as you all when I heard it for the first time. It is a 200 year old recipe , where garlic was used to cure ailments. A spoonful of it and i was amazed … no smell of garlic and no taste either… This was divine 😍.
Truely the star of the show. I highly recommend this.

Lahsuni Kheer

Our take on this restaurant… We loved the ambience…. food was scrumptious and worth the money πŸ™‚


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